Frank Sullivan

Frank Sullivans 2001 S-Type Jaguar

I wanted the modern S-type Jaguar with the vertical bars because I liked the look of the retro styling. I told my wife Linda that I would travel anywhere to get one in excellent condition. I searched for 18 months and one happened to show up in Denver.

It was a Las Vegas car so it wasn’t exposed to much salt. I suppose the first owner got lucky at the craps table. The car didn’t have many miles on it and it was in great condition.

It’s my first Jag and I just happened to see RMJC on the website so I joined not knowing anything about the club activities. I had no idea what a Concours d’Elegance or a Slalom was. Many times when I’m filing her with fuel, someone will come over and give a compliment about her. She’s my daily driver and a very good one. She purrs at fast speeds on the interstate but she really prefers curvy mountain roads.


Frank Sullivans 2001 S Type photo