The Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club is an affiliate of the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA), and is part of the JCNA’s South West Region. Membership in the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club automatically includes membership in the JCNA and a subscription to the JCNA bi-monthly magazine, the “Jaguar Journal.” (Click here for more details on the benefits of joining the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club!)

The JCNA maintains the nationally accepted Concours Rule Book for the standardized judging of Jaguar cars. The JCNA also maintains the nationally accepted rule books for the conduct and scoring of Jaguar Rallies and Slaloms.

Each year the affiliate clubs throughout North America may elect to host JCNA sanctioned Concours, Rallies and Slaloms in their local geography.. In addition, the JCNA hosts national level Concours, Rallies and Slaloms. All of these events are open to JCNA members. The calendar for all sanctioned events is maintained by the JCNA. Finally, the JCNA tracks the scores from all sanctioned competitions and maintains a listing of the current national standings.

Finally, the JCNA provides a Webpage for each affiliate…click here to visit the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club’s page on the JCNA website.