Harry Fegley

During college and my early working days I had several sport cars but never a Jag.  I had taken my first sport car ride when I was 15 around Keuka Lake, NY in a 140 Jag and was blown away.

In 1956 between sales calls I went into the Jag dealer and saw the new XK8 and really liked what I saw.  The dealership tried to get me to take a test drive, but I didn’t think my commission checks were big enough to make the jump.   In 2010 I started to realize if I was ever going to own another sports car I had better make the leap.

I wanted a Morgan but my back would not allow that stiff of a ride.  The small hardtop Mercedes convertible appealed to me but the golf clubs would not fit inside.  That was also the issue with the E-type.  I then started looking at the XK8’s.  There were several available in the area but most were not up to my standard.

After looking for several months I ran across Wendy Lazar who is the sister of Buddy, the Indy car racer living in Vail.  When she drove the car into the lot for me to see, it was love at first sight.  It was exactly like the car I saw at the dealership several years earlier but a lot less money.  It was very well maintained and I thought I could easily get it in show room condition for auto shows.  We made a deal and I had my sports car and first Jag.  The first year of ownership was a nightmare for the checkbook as there were a number of normal issues with the XK8 that had to be resolved.  Once all the bugs were forced out of the car it has been just right for me, and being of the true BRG of the British environment it gets a lot of respect on the highway and at shows.

Fegley car