Gordon K

The Kenney’s Cars

Our first English car was a MGB-GT acquired in 1970.  It was followed by a Triumph TR4A, a TR-6, a TR-1800, a Datzun 240Z, 4 Corvettes (72 – 2007), Mustang and Corvair  convertibles, a tricked-out Dodge van (Silver Fox) and a school-bus camper. We became Jaguar owners in the early 90’s with the acquisition of a 1963 Mk 2 2.4L saloon that needed a total restoration.  The body was media blasted and repainted, the sick 2.4 engine was replaced by a strong  3.8 L (thanks Bob), all the interior wood was redone (48 pieces) and it became a beautiful car.  It taught me a great deal about restoration and Jaguars and I soon realized an E-type would be an easier restoration and would be worth twice as much when finished.

After four years the Mk 2 was replaced by a 68 E-Type FHC that was delivered by transport in May of 99. The body and paint were in excellent condition but it needed a lot of mechanical work that I did over the years and after 15,000 miles in 15 years it only came home on a truck once.

The Spring Dust Off comes early in the year and the hail on Flagstaff Mountain near Boulder surprised many of us.  Bob Grossman and Steve Kennedy survey the scene.

Each summer the club participates in the Front Range Airport Car-Air show and it was a great chance to share a photo with a Stearman. Our family has long enjoyed cars and this is a “Cars and Coffee” show with the Corvette of one of our sons and a very early year Miata of another.  The E-Type is often the only Jaguar on display and always draws lots of attention.

At the Denver Auto Show there were hundreds of cars in the four day show but ours was the only Jaguar invited to display.

Our club hosts JCNA Slaloms each year and the E-type looks great on the track.